Fire Alarm Monitoring, Asheville, NC

We Can Install a New Fire Alarm Monitoring System in Your Asheville, NC Home or Business.

fire alarm systemAn effective fire alarm monitoring system is an essential component of any home or business’ security plan. While fire alarm monitoring was typically an integral part of only large businesses in the past, new technology and the affordability of fire alarm monitoring systems have allowed many homeowners and small business owners in Asheville, North Carolina to take advantage of these essential systems as well. At Carolina Security Technologies, we are your #1 source for anything security-related in Western North Carolina. Our fire alarm monitoring services are comprehensive, affordable, and most importantly, effective.

Our company was founded in 2010. Although we have only been in the fire alarm monitoring business for just over three years, our company is built upon the 39 years of combined experience of our employees. We are a trusted leader when it comes to the design and installation of effective fire alarm monitoring systems in homes and business throughout Asheville.

When we install a new fire alarm monitoring system in your home or business, we take into account the personal needs of the building and go to great lengths to ensure that the building or home is completely secured. When we do an installation, we analyze both the physical and operational factors that are involved in each specific home or building. And after the fire alarm monitoring system is installed and activated, we turn it over to our professional fire alarm monitoring team to keep an eye on your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because we realize that a fire alarm system has people’s lives and safety on the line, we only install and design the highest-quality fire alarm monitoring systems. You can be guaranteed that your home or business will be safe from the threat of fire when you work with us at Carolina Security Technologies.