Home Security Monitoring, Asheville, NC

We Provide Expert Home Security Monitoring Services to Residents of the Asheville, NC Area.

home security installedIf you have a home security monitoring system that sounds an alarm when a window breaks or notifies authorities when a break-in occurs, your home may be secure, but it may not be secure enough. At Carolina Security Technologies, we recommend that homeowners in Asheville, North Carolina and surrounding areas equip their home with a camera surveillance monitoring system for the following reasons:

  • The cameras can always be on.
  • These cameras will provide an accurate portrayal of what happened if a break-in does occur and can become invaluable at identifying intruders or in providing evidence of what was stolen.
  • These systems can deter intruders before they even decide to enter.
  • They may be able to get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Some systems allow you to monitor your home from a computer while you are out of town.

When you have a video surveillance system installed to complement your home security monitoring efforts, we recommend that you have more than one camera installed on your property for optimal residential security. Homeowners should consider having cameras placed at any entrances or exits to their home and in any rooms where valuables reside. For example, if a homeowner has an expensive stereo system hooked up to their television, they should consider putting a camera in that room.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to home security monitoring, we can help you select a security system that fits your security needs and works well with your budget. We can also provide you with home security monitoring services around the clock, so even when you’re asleep or out of town, we’ll keep an eye on your property for you.

If you ever have any questions about home security monitoring or how you can get the most out of your security system, feel free to call us at Carolina Security Technologies in Asheville, North Carolina.