Residential Security Systems in Asheville, NC

At Carolina Security Technologies, we specialize in helping you improve your home security. You deserve the freedom to take your safety for granted and peace of mind about your home’s protection while you are away. While we encourage everyone to consider the benefits of a home security system, we’ve also put together a number of smaller steps you can take to keep your home safer if you’re not yet ready to make that commitment, or if you’re looking to supplement an existing system.

A simple principle to keep in mind when taking home security measures is that burglars look for easy targets. A house with overgrown hedges and dark windows will present a more attractive target to a potential crook than a home that looks well cared for and lived in. Trimming back tall hedges removes a source of cover to hide in and sends the message that you’re home often enough to trim them regularly. If you work long hours, you can still give the impression that someone is at home by installing smart light bulbs in your street-facing windows, or putting your lights on a timer. A similar measure is to install motion-sensitive exterior lights–a flash of light in the nighttime is more likely to wake you to deal with any threat, and may spook intruders enough to make them back off. Even these simple steps can help bolster your home security.

If you’ve made these changes to your home and are looking to further improve your home security, our team at Carolina Security Technologies is always happy to discuss your options with you. Give us a call if you want to learn more.