Three Ways to Enhance Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

If you own a business, you know that having security technology in place is necessary. From access control on your entryways to video cameras in vulnerable areas of your store, knowing how to keep your business protected is important. If you have an existing video surveillance system, you may be wondering if it’s actually doing any good. Especially if you still have the old-style video equipment, you may be better off with some upgrades. Here are three recommended enhancements to commercial video surveillance systems:

  • Add More Cameras. Having one camera at a single point of entry into your business simply won’t cut it when it comes to security these days. A simple way to enhance video surveillance systems is to add more cameras at other points of entry, down hallways, and in vulnerable corners of your business. This gives you a view of every room and working space.
  • Improve Camera Quality. Another way to enhance video surveillance systems for your business is to upgrade the type of cameras you use. Photographic technology has come a long way, and incorporating better cameras will give you the details you need when you’re reviewing footage.
  • Mobile Technology. Mobile technology has been a game changer for commercial security because it allows business owners to monitor their business from virtually anywhere! Investing in a video surveillance system that gives you control from your mobile device will give you an added layer of protection you may not have realized you needed.

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