Video Surveillance SystemsVideo surveillance systems help protect your home and your property from intruders and vandalism. They can be a first line of defense in deterring unwanted attention and incredibly useful when a crime has been committed – you have video footage! Here are several reasons you should consider a video surveillance system:

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras can help capture important events inside AND outside your home. Strategic placement of the cameras can help serve as baby monitors, security while you are away from home, or to make sure your next door neighbor doesn’t hit your car.
  • Day and night visibility allows you to have 24-hour monitoring. Maybe you slept through it, but your camera catches the neighborhood raccoon scuffling through your trash and the newspaper delivery boy knocking over your favorite plant.
  • Video surveillance systems are also great if you have outdoor barns, sheds, a guesthouse, or even farm buildings. Having proper equipment installed will let you know if someone unexpected is trespassing or if your horse is ready to have a foal.
  • Many systems include remote monitoring, so you have the convenience of checking on things when you are away from home or out of the office. You can receive alerts 24/7 simply by checking your phone or computer.

It is essential that you feel comfortable knowing that you will be protected whether you are home or away. Video surveillance systems are fairly flexible and give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your property.