The first step in business or home security is to ensure that your premises are secured with heavy duty locks. The next step is to ensure that your alarm is working, and the third step is to install a video surveillance system. When talking about these systems, the first that comes to mind are CCTV security systems. They are the most popular all over the world.

The first CCTV camera was used in 1942 by Siemens AG to observe the launch of a rocket. The person responsible for its design and installation was an engineer named Walter Bruch.

Today’s CCTV security systems are nothing like Mr. Bruch’s! They incorporate intelligent, cutting-edge technology; they are digital; they are user-friendly and, unlike their analog predecessors, they are sleek and compact in design.

CCTV Security Systems

A typical system has advanced software and offers a host of convenient feature, including:

  • Night vision
  • Zoom, tilt and pan
  • Infra-red technology that is invisible to the human eye
  • A digital video recorder (DVR) that you can access remotely from anywhere
  • Motion detection technology that allows you to view footage of ‘movement’ from your smartphone, wireless laptop or tablet through mobile apps

With so many features, you can understand why CCTV security systems are not only used to protect homes and businesses. They are used in manufacturing plants to ensure that workers follow correct procedures, they can be used to view traffic in real-time, they can be used in public spaces to minimize crimes and terrorist attacks, and they can even be used to research environmental issues such as the migration of birds. The list is endless!


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