Three Signs You Should Consider New Commercial Security Systems

Of all the responsibilities you have as a business owner, keeping your commercial building secure is one of the most important. Our team at Carolina Security Technologies recognizes this, and we’re here to provide the solutions you need in the form of commercial security systems.

Whether you have security in place or not, we can help you get adequate protection. Here are three signs you should consider updating your commercial security systems:

  1. Your Business Still Uses Keyed Locks- Physical keys and mechanical locks are not the most secure option for any building, let alone your business. They are too easy for criminals to manipulate, and if your employees have keys, that’s a major security risk, since they can easily make copies. However, we can put access control in place to ensure the right people can get in and the wrong people stay out.
  2. You’re Located in a High-Crime Area- Even if you haven’t had any experiences with vandalism, break-ins, or other criminal activity, you should be prepared—especially if your business is located in an area with high crime incidences. Commercial security systems like alarms and surveillance cameras can provide the extra protection you need.
  3. You Have Low-Resolution Cameras- While having cameras can help to deter criminals, they’re not as helpful for catching them when the video quality is poor. It you notice that your camera footage is blurry, grainy, or otherwise difficult to see, it’s time to update your security with a new camera system.

If you need commercial security systems in Asheville, North Carolina, contact us today.