Surveillance System Monitoring Is a Must in Elder Care FacilitiesThe Baby Boomers are reaching their retirement years, and the number of people living in nursing homes is rapidly increasing. Security becomes a top priority when elderly or disabled people are living in these facilities. An effective way of keeping residents and staff safe from unwanted intruders, vandalism and theft is through video surveillance system monitoring.

The latest systems that use Internet Protocol (IP) and digital video recorders (DVRs) can be installed easily by a professional. The cameras are mounted at strategic points and connected to a recorder. In comparison to conventional analog CCTV systems, DVRs provide superior quality images, allowing for quicker identification of who’s who and what’s what in a camera’s line of vision.

In a secured environment, such as a dementia care facility, surveillance system monitoring cameras can be placed near the exits to prevent confused patients from wandering outside unsupervised. Also, to deter thieves from loitering on the property or breaking into cars, outdoor cameras can be placed in open spaces and in the parking lot.

Video surveillance system monitoring enables nursing home security footage to be broadcast over the internet and checked from any compatible device, such as a wireless computer, tablet or smartphone. This is especially handy for managers of large nursing homes or multiple care facilities because they can ensure all locations and buildings are safe without having to be present in each place.

Note: By law, privacy of residents and patients must be protected. Therefore, cameras for a video surveillance monitoring system can only be placed in public places such as sitting rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and reception areas.


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