Four Signs You Should Upgrade Your Business Security System This Year

If your business has any kind of security system, you’re in better shape than most. Many business owners don’t think to invest in security measures that will protect their business and their employees. If you haven’t invested in any security for your business, you should take the time to do so! If you have some security in place but aren’t sure how current it is, there are some really good reasons to upgrade your system this year.

  • Low Storage Capacity. Wouldn’t it be frustrating if the video cuts out just as an intruder is about to show their face on security camera footage? Older security systems simply don’t have the storage capacity that might be necessary to record and store footage of potential break-ins or illegal activity at your business. Adding newer, expanded storage features is a must for business security.
  • Poor Image Quality. We’ve all seen the grainy, distorted security footage that makes it hard to see who or what has happened. In the last several years, camera technology has advanced greatly. If your business security cameras have poor image quality, it’s time for an upgrade!
  • Lack of Cameras. These days, having only one camera pointed at the front door of your business simply won’t do. Thieves can be slick and will find any way possible to enter, steal, and damage your business building or goods. Upgrading your business security to include more cameras in all vulnerable positions will give you greater peace of mind about the safety of your business.
  • No Backup Power. Having business security with dual power systems can be critical in the event of a break-in. If your circuit breakers are tripped or power lines cut, a battery backup will keep your cameras rolling and alarm system armed. It’s this small detail that could save you thousands of dollars!

At Carolina Security Technologies, we can offer multiple solutions for business security upgrades. Contact us today to learn more.