Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Fire Alarms

Whether we’re talking about your home or your business, safety goes beyond just protecting your property from criminal activity. Fires are another very real danger, so it’s important to have fire alarms you can rely on in an emergency. But like any other system, fire alarms don’t last forever, and they need to be upgraded from time to time.

Here are several signs that it’s time to replace your fire alarms:

For Homes

  • Your smoke detector is turning yellow- Most smoke detectors contain a flame retardant called bromine, which causes the detector to turn yellow as it is exposed to heat, light, and oxygen over time. This isn’t a problem in and of itself, but the color indicates when your smoke detector is old and needs to be replaced.
  • The smoke detector chirps constantly- Usually, your smoke detector chirps to tell you when it needs new batteries, but if you put new batteries in and it continues to chirp, you need to replace it to ensure that it will do its job in the event of a real emergency.
  • The alarm is 10 years old- Because fire alarm sensors wear out over time, it’s important to replace your fire alarm at least every 10 years.

For Businesses

  • Your fire alarms aren’t up to code- If the loudspeakers or any other elements of your alarm system aren’t up to code, it’s time to get compliant and keep your building safe by replacing the fire alarms.
  • You’re experiencing frequent false alarms- False alarms caused by an alarm system’s age can be disruptive and dangerous, so you should consider replacing your fire alarms if you have been having this problem.
  • The manufacturer recommends replacement at specific time- If you’re not sure whether you need to replace your fire alarm system, consult the manufacturer to find out how long the system should last.