Residential Security Is Just as Important for Apartments as It Is for HousesThe most common security threat for apartment dwellers is burglary. That’s why residential security should be as much of a priority for apartments as it is for houses. Most apartment burglaries take place during the day when people are at work or school. They also happen at night when everyone is asleep.

Apartment burglars are usually looking for things that are expensive and small that they can sell quickly for cash. Items like laptop computers, watches, guns, jewelry, cash, and other small electronic gadgets are high on the list. Typically, quick cash is needed for living expenses and/or drugs.

More than 30 percent of apartment burglars gain access through an open window or through the door. Ordinary household tools such as small hammers, small pry bars, channel-lock pliers and screwdrivers are used to get in if the doors or windows are locked. While the occurrence of apartment burglaries may seem random, in actual fact, they involve a selection process.

The selection process is simple. Find an unoccupied apartment with the best escape route, the greatest amount of cover and the easiest access. And, of course, find an apartment where no residential security system is installed.

If you live in an apartment, you need to minimize the risk of being burgled by making it as unattractive to would-be intruders as possible. The first step in home security is to use high-quality locks. Burglars are likely to bypass your apartment if too much effort, skill and tools than they possess are required. The second step is to have a residential security system installed. Most apartment burglars aren’t interested in a unit with a visible alarm decal.


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