Three Reasons Residential Security Systems are Trending

In the past, it might have seemed that having a residential security system was for a select few. Today, however, residential security systems are on the rise, and for some good reasons! Here are some of the top reasons home security systems are more popular than ever:

1. Smart Home Technology – The adoption of smart home technology is one of the leading factors in the increase of residential security systems. Cloud-based services allow homeowners to control almost every aspect of their home through their mobile device, security included. Having a home security system that synchronizes with your phone makes it an easy way to integrate security features into daily life.

2. Affordability – Along with accessibility, residential security systems are also more affordable than ever. As Google and other high-profile companies invest in new security technologies, homeowners find themselves in the position to choose between competitive residential security systems based on their services and rates.

3. Live Video Feeds – The days where you had to pull the camera down from the ceiling to access the tape or look at grainy photographs on a screen to determine what happened are long gone! With the addition of live video feeds on residential security systems, homeowners can take control of their security at the touch of a finger. This accessibility makes adding home security features even more alluring.

 If you’re interested in installing a home security system or need to upgrade your existing one, contact us at Carolina Security Technologies today. We can help you choose and install the best security solution for your home.