Home Security Installation
If you are having additional security measures installed at your home, it is likely something you are not completely familiar with. This can make it difficult to even know what questions to ask so that you get the results you hope for. In fact, you may not even know what those results should be. Here are a few questions to ask your home security installation professional, so you can be sure you are both on the same page:

  1. Do you offer monitored or unmonitored alarms? There are two types of security systems – one just sounds an alarm to alert you to a problem, whereas the other alerts authorities so they can come to your aid quickly. Know what you are getting, and if you need clarification about the advantages of each type, be sure to ask that, too. For a monitored system, find out how close the monitoring location is, so you’ll have an idea how quickly the alarm will relay.
  2. How much home security installation experience do you have? Getting into this industry is not as challenging as other types of home improvement, so there are many individuals entering into business. If you want the best possible result, you should look for someone with a tried and true record of experience, reliability, and integrity. Someone with at least a few years of experience and updated equipment is recommended.
  3. Can I buy my own system and get you to do the home security installation? This is a valid question, particularly if you already bought a system and just don’t know how to install it. A security professional should be able to help you out as well as augment the system if it won’t give you the amount of security you are hoping for.