Best Practices for Fire Alarm Installation

Every home should have properly installed fire alarms, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Fire alarm installation can save lives if there is ever a fire emergency, so follow these tips to ensure your fire alarms are installed and working properly:

  • One of the most important fire alarm installation tips is that every bedroom should have its own alarm. If you have a level of your home without any bedrooms, place fire alarms in central room areas and near stairwells.
  • Some homes have the capability for wired fire alarm installation, but it’s smart to also have fire alarms that have a battery power backup. In the event of a disaster in which the power to your home stops working, the battery-operated fire alarms will continue to alert you to a problem and give you time to exit your home.
  • Whenever possible, fire alarm installation should include a link to any smoke detectors. This way if smoke is detected first, the fire alarm will be triggered to sound a warning.
  • It’s recommended that you test fire alarms on a regular schedule and change the batteries routinely. An easy way to remember this is to schedule this check at the same time you change the air filters in your home.

High-quality fire alarm installation is one of the first lines of defense against possible threats to your home and family. At Carolina Security Technologies, we can help you install alarms and security systems that give you total peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!