Fire Alarms Being in the middle of a raging fire is not a safe place to be.  Imagine the heat that you feel when sitting around a large bonfire and then multiply it by 10, or even 100.  That’s how hot a fire in your home would feel, if not hotter.  Worse yet would be to be stuck inside your home when that fire is raging, consuming all in its path, while you are combatting not only the heat and flames, but also the carbon monoxide being released as everything burns.

If you would rather not experience such a horrific situation, you need to take the necessary precautions that will ensure you will never find yourself in this state.   Some of these key safety precautions include:

  • Creating an emergency plan for escape in case of fire
  • Routinely checking your lights, electrical connections and wiring for safety
  • Making sure your heaters are clear from debris prior to winter
  • Installing fire alarms on every floor or closed off area of your home

Installing quality fire alarms that are able to detect smoke quickly is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of being caught in a home fire.  When your fire alarms go off, you can follow your fire escape plan to safety.  Efficient fire alarms also allow you to find any small children or pets that may be lost or trapped.  You can also be alerted that the fire alarms are going off if you’re not home with a mobile monitoring system.  This will allow you to protect your home, even while you are away.

For greater protection against home fires, contact us at Carolina Security Technologies.  We have some of the best fire alarms in the business.