Stereo & Surround SystemsWhat if you could enjoy movie theater quality sound from the comfort of your own home? What if you could control the volume and quality of sound for every TV show that you watch? What if your video game sound quality was improved so you can hear every detail? Stereo & surround systems for your home theater can provide an added level of enjoyment to whatever your viewing preferences may be.

Stereo Systems:

  • Pros: Offer a low cost and short setup time. There are often fewer speakers to install than a surround system, and stereo speakers often only require a brief connection from the receiver to the speaker units.
  • Cons: Not all DVDs and mp3s are designed for 2-channel audio, so the sound quality may not always be improved with these formats. However, most television shows and other basic audio requirements will continue to have improved quality.

Surround Systems:

  • Pros: Provide a more immersive sound experience. Depending on the on-screen experience, surround sound speakers relay sound according to the action on the screen. This is also a plus when watching your favorite sports teams because you can feel as though you are in the stadium!
  • Cons: Can be more costly than the traditional stereo system and take longer to install. Many times, the less expensive stereo systems provide enough improvement that the home listener is satisfied. Additionally, surround systems may require serious man-hours or a professional installation to make sure the system is working properly.

Stereo & surround systems provide a wonderful additional level of enjoyment for anyone hosting a sports event in their living room or gaming with their friends on the weekend. While each stereo & surround system has its pros and cons, choosing the right system for you will give you a more immersive and enjoyable home theater experience.