install your system accurately so you get the security you expect and deserve
A common mistake when choosing a home security system is looking at price and going for the cheapest option possible. It might surprise you just how important it is to look at quality as your main objective – both in terms of the equipment itself and the company installing it. Here are a few reasons why going cheap could cost you – and perhaps dearly.

  • False Sense of Security- Watch any horror or mystery type movie and you find yourself amazed at how foolish the characters are to let down their guard at the worst possible moment. A home security system is supposed to give you peace of mind, but if it does so when you aren’t really safe, it can lead to unfortunate circumstances.
  • Cheap Doesn’t Last- When a home security system is built with cheap components, you can expect they will wear out quickly leaving you in the position to buy another system or shell out money in repairs. In the end, you will actually have paid more than you would have if you had purchased a quality home security system in the beginning.
  • Weak Prosecution- If something happens, you want justice. How would you feel if your surveillance video was dismissed because it was poor quality and the perpetrator walks free? Avoid this scenario with a quality home security system that provides quality footage that will put them behind bars, not to mention aid in finding them in the first place.

Here at Carolina Security Technologies, we don’t claim to be the lowest cost option in town, but that is because we don’t install junk that causes you more trouble than it is worth. With 25 years of experience doing security and consulting, our owners know that quality matters and have the expertise to install your system accurately so you get the security you expect and deserve. Contact us today to get quality and a fair price.