Home Security Tip: What Burglars Prefer to Steal

If you are going to have the best in home security, it helps to try to get into the mind of a burglar so that you can circumvent their efforts. If you know what they prefer to steal and that they know where to find it, you can protect your belongings by making it harder for them.

First of all, understand that a burglar does not want to get caught. This means they are going to be most pleased with items that are untraceable or are worth the risk. They also prefer smaller items that they can take without someone noticing. Cash, small electronics, firearms, jewelry, medications, and personal identification are usually high on the list.

A burglar is likely to start in the bedrooms, and you make it really easy for them if your jewelry is in plain sight in a stylish jewelry case on your dresser, your personal defense weapon is in your nightstand, and you leave your wallet on the dresser with both cash and IDs. A quick run through the bathroom and they’ll have your prescription medications, too.

In order to thwart a burglar, one of the best ways is to not look like an easy target. Signage about a home security system will often make them go elsewhere. In addition to that, come up with more creative places to keep those things they covet the most. Have a home safe for your most expensive jewelry and other items when not in use. Use a gun safe for your firearms. And most importantly, have a quality security system that will keep intruders from getting inside at all.

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