Home Alarm Systems Need Periodic TestingPeriodic testing of home alarm systems is needed to ensure proper function and optimal home security. It’s recommended that you test your system every month. Prior to testing, be sure to notify your monitoring station. There are 2 types of tests: The first is to test the signal in your home. The second is to test the signal from your home to the monitoring station.

The procedures vary slightly according to the manufacturers of different systems. If you have an owner’s manual, follow the instructions. If you don’t have a manual, you may be able to download one online. However, the following steps should apply to most home alarm systems.

Testing the Operation of Motion Detectors and Door & Window Contacts

  • Make sure the system is in ‘ready’ mode. But don’t arm it!
  • Open each protected window or door, one at a time. The keypad should indicate that the window or door you are testing is open.
  • Close the window or door.
  • Repeat the process for every sensor in the system.

Testing Signal to Monitoring Station

  • Call the station and request them to place your system in ‘test’ mode. Be ready to give your password and account number to the operator.
  • Arm the system as you usually do, and set it off by opening a window or door, or by tripping a motion detector. Let the alarm sound for 1 minute at least.
  • Turn the system off and reset it to ‘ready’.
  • Verify that the monitoring station received the signal.
  • Call the station that monitors your home alarm systems and ask them to remove you from ‘test’ mode.


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