Fire Alarms: Detection Systems Must Be Chosen According to Individual ObjectivesThe purpose of fire alarms is to discover fires in the early stages of development, when there is still enough time to safely evacuate occupants and call for a fire truck to put out the flames before the structure is a complete loss. Moreover, early detection plays a vital role in protecting the safety of response personnel.

Downtime for the operation and property loss can be reduced through early detection because response has commenced while the fire is still small. Information is provided to the emergency responders on the fire’s location, thereby speeding up the process of control.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), the problem is that most basic commercial fire alarms do not have detection systems. They rely on someone to discover the fire and pull a lever to sound the alarm, which causes a delay. The type fire alarm detection system used in your facility should be determined by your fire safety objectives. These objectives flow from risk assessment of your operation and facility. How much you can afford to lose and establishing your tolerance risk are important elements of this process.

The issues in a warehouse are not the same as those in a hospital. In facilities like hospitals, where life safety is the primary concern, patients may not be capable of evacuating on their own, so early warning is imperative. Hotels, apartment buildings, and other facilities where people might be asleep when a fire breaks out also require alarms with rapid notification.

Fire alarms and detectors should be augmented with communications devices to convey specific instructions and information to building occupants. When a fire alarm sounds, people tend not to always respond as they should. A voice communications system will significantly improve their response.


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