Fire Alarm InstallationThe warning of a fire in your home or office has the potential to save a lot of lives. Many of us are familiar with a standard smoke alarm that sounds when smoke and heat are present near its sensors. But what about a fire alarm system that is more comprehensive?

  • Fire alarm installation includes a fire alarm control panel that is routed to a central security station, which can then alert your local fire department.
  • Fire alarms include three sensors: heat, smoke and chemical.
  • Audio and visual features are included in the fire alarm installation, including buzzers, bells, or strobe lights.
  • Fire alarm systems can include back-up battery power in the event of a power outage.
  • A sprinkler system can be wired into the system so that in the event of a fire, water may help suppress the flames until everyone is safely out of the building.

There are many important reasons why a fire alarm system is superior to a standard smoke detection system. Having a professional fire alarm installation can help you determine what choices are right for you and make sure the job is done correctly. Our team at Carolina Security Technologies can lead you to the right fire alarm system for you!