A Fire Alarm without Fire Alarm Monitoring is Ineffective

Picture this scenario: You and your staff are hard at work when suddenly the fire alarm sounds. You follow your emergency evacuation response plan, get safely from the building, and meet up with everyone at the designated assembly point. During the excitement, one person notices the trash can in the break area is ablaze, grabs an extinguisher, and puts out the fire. Before long, you are all back at work after a quick meeting about not putting a cigarette butt in the trash can. Had it been more serious, a quick call to the fire department would have probably saved your business.

Now, picture this scenario: You arrive at work only to find your business has burned to the ground. That trash can fire didn’t get going until after everyone left for the day and there wasn’t anyone there to hear the fire alarm and call for help. So, the fire went out of control resulting in total ruin.

In both scenarios there was no loss of life, but can you see why fire alarm monitoring would be an important part of your fire alarm system now? You won’t always be there, and if the fire alarm is not set to notify a fire alarm monitoring company to call the fire department, you could lose more than a trash can.

If your fire alarm is putting your company at risk or if you do not have a fire alarm at all, give us a call at Carolina Security Technologies. We can install a quality system that won’t just protect your staff and customers, but also your building, company assets, and inventory. We look forward to giving you more information about fire alarm monitoring!