Access Control SystemsKeeping your home or business secure is more possible than ever before. With modern advancements in security systems, including access control systems, you can have almost full control of who enters your property, when, and how they do it. Check out these top five advanced features of 2016 access control systems:

  1. Biometric screening —Like something from a 1950s sci-fi film, biometric screening takes the away the potential security threat of lost and stolen access cards. Biometric screening is the process of allowing access to a commercial building by scanning fingerprint and other biological identifiers. This is a virtually glitch-free process.
  2. Mobile — New access control systems can often be controlled right from your mobile device. They are integrated for mobile app use, allowing you to lock doors, remove access, monitor movement, and more. Whether you are home or on the road, you can feel the security of accessing your business’ security system from anywhere you have service.
  3. “Smart” video monitoring — Security cameras have been around for a while, but some 2016 cameras have a “smart” sensor option. This means that any time an alarm is tripped, the cameras in the area will automatically re-focus on the alerting area. Catch intruders, discover faulty processes, and more.
  4. Reporting — Modern access control systems can tell you who is entering your facility, when they come and go, and other normal business tracking functions. In addition, your 2016 system can tell you when someone attempts to gain access that doesn’t have proper authorization to do so.