hire a custom stereo system installation professional
If you are headed to the major retail chain in your area for a new surround-sound stereo system or other media equipment, you will likely find yourself hearing lots of promises from the sales staff about their superior stereo system installation team. While it can feel comforting to walk out of the store after making a sizeable purchase with the knowledge someone will be coming to your home to put it in, that might not be your best option. There are several benefits you’ll experience if you hire a custom stereo system installation professional. Consider these drawbacks involved with retail chain installers before making your choice:

  • Lack of Experience. The turnover at retail chains for both sales and installers is known to be rapid which usually leads to having few in the building that have sufficient experience with stereo system installation, at least with more complex situations.
  • Poor Communication. It is not uncommon for sales to overpromise things the installers can’t or won’t do or not properly advise the installer of your situation so they can come prepared to do the project without undue delays.
  • Lack of Concern About Quality. A major retail chain won’t be adversely affected by a few unhappy customers and they know it. Don’t expect the personal attention or dedication to quality you’d get with a custom stereo system installation professional that depends on making every customer happy.
  • Quality Materials. Retail chain installers will usually use the cheapest materials for your stereo system installation they can get away with. This is especially true with places that offer free or reduced cost services. The long-term results of your installation are at jeopardy, but they don’t care about that.

Here at Carolina Security Technologies, we put our stellar reputation on the line every time we conduct a stereo system installation, so you can be confident we’ll put our best work into it and use quality materials. We bring over 39 years of combined experience to the table in both residential and commercial products and services. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.