What to Consider When Choosing a Video Surveillance SystemThere are many options available for video surveillance systems, so you need to know what exactly you are looking for before you make a purchase.

One big thing to consider is if you would like remote access of your video footage. And along with remote access, would you like to receive alerts on your phone?  If so, be sure to choose a video surveillance system with remote access capabilities.

Another consideration is if you would like a hardwired video surveillance system or wireless.  Hardwired video surveillance systems are usually used for more complex setups or for large homes or buildings. Wireless video surveillance systems offer the flexibility of being able to move the cameras around without running new wires.

You will need to decide what kind of DVR you want for your video surveillance system and how much recording capacity you would like. The number of channels a DVR has determines the number of cameras you will be able to use in your video surveillance system. The recording capacity is dependent upon the size of hard drive that you choose for your DVR.

With your video surveillance system, you need to decide if you would like analog or IP digital cameras.  Analog cameras use an analog signal to communicate to the DVR, which then can transmit over the internet. This uses less bandwidth and costs a little less per camera. IP digital cameras each have their own IP address and have higher resolution images than analog cameras.

If you are having trouble deciding what will work best with what you are wanting out of a video surveillance system, be sure to consult with a professional.


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