Choosing the Right Security System for Your BusinessThere are a lot of things to be considered when choosing a business security system.  It is a good idea to narrow down potential security companies you may hire, and then invite each of them to do a site survey to recommend which type of security equipment would be best for your business.  You will want to know the right questions to ask them when they come to your business for this site survey.

One important question to ask a potential security company is if they are licensed.  You will also want to ask them how the alarm system will be connected.  Most security companies have a central monitoring center that will respond when an alarm is triggered.  You do not want the alarm system to be connected to your main phone line, which would likely be cut in an invasion, preventing the alarm from being triggered.

Another good item to discuss with potential security vendors is employee access codes or passwords. Will each employee have their own access code/password to enter the building?  Will you be charged for changing access codes/passwords?  These questions are important for when new employees are hired and for when employees quit or are dismissed.  Some security companies try to hide extra costs in your monthly bill for changing access codes or passwords, so you will want to get a clear picture of what exactly you will be paying for each month when choosing a business security system.

As most businesses are leasing their office space, be sure to discuss your intent to add a security system with the building management.  This will help you know of any restrictions the building has, so you will know what type of equipment you can use in your security system without violating any rules.


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