With many types of security cameras available, it can be difficult to choose which type will fit your needs. Here is some good information about several common types of security cameras to help you with this decision.

Infrared cameras are popular for both business and home security.  The main advantage of infrared cameras is you can get a clear picture in both the light and the dark. Consequently, this type of security camera is the best for situations with low or no light. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Security Camera - Infrared


Box security cameras are popular in businesses like banks and grocery stores.  This type of security camera has very high video quality. The main advantage of a box security camera is that the lenses can be changed to make the viewing angle and zoom amount exactly the way you want.

Camera Security - Box


Pan tilt zoom cameras are popular security cameras for large department stores. These security cameras can go right, left, up, and down and have the capability to zoom in (on a license plate, for example). With these capabilities comes a cost that is quite a bit higher than the other types of security cameras, but it may well be worth it, depending on your situation.

Camera Security - pan tilt zoom


Dome cameras are a very popular type of security camera for both homes and businesses.  They come in many different styles, including infrared, pan tilt zoom, indoor, outdoor, and vandal proof.  The 2 main advantages of a dome camera are that it is difficult to see where the lens is actually pointing, and they often blend in to their surroundings, since they look like a light fixture.

Camera Security - Dome


Be sure to consult with a professional before making any purchases or final decisions to ensure the type of security cameras you want to use will best fulfill your needs.


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