Choosing Between Hardwired and Wireless Home Security SystemsWhen choosing a security system for your home, one big choice you will have is between a hardwired and a wireless system. Which one is right for you?

The installation of a hardwired home security system takes quite a bit longer than a wireless system, but once it is installed, it is generally maintenance-free. With a wireless system, you will need to plan on changing the batteries in the devices at least every few years.

Another thing to consider when choosing between a hardwired and wireless security system is your family’s changing needs. Do you plan on having children, causing you to add more safety devices in your home? Do you have hopes to renovate your home? Are you planning on upgrading your home security equipment every so often? With a wireless home security system, it is much easier to do to these things.

Reliability is another big consideration with a home security system.  Wireless systems used to be more likely to trigger a false alarm, but now this is no longer an issue.  Wireless systems and hardwired systems are equally reliable.  As a consumer, be sure to read the product reviews for different security systems, either wireless or hardwired, to ensure you purchase a home security system that will be reliable for your home.


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