Alarm Systems in Asheville, NC
A security alarm system is designed to prevent entry into the home using a variety of methods. The basic principle is to secure points of entry, including doors and windows, using a network of sensors connected to high-decibel alarms or sirens, which you operate using a control panel. The number of sensors varies, but most alarm systems use at least one or more sensors for every door and every ground-floor window. These sensors consist of two components, one on the door and one on the door or window itself. When touching, the two form a closed circuit, but if the door or window is opened, it will break the circuit and trip the alarm.

Interior and exterior motion sensors are another common component of alarm systems. This type of sensor creates an invisible zone that, when breached, will sound the alarm. Motion sensors are most often used to protect lesser-used rooms in a large house, and to protect rooms where you store your valuables.

All the sensors in the network connect to a central control panel inside your home. At its most basic, this panel allows you to arm and disarm the system, but many additional features are available. If you choose professional monitoring for your home security system, the control panel can be configured to provide two-way communication between you and a security agent. The agent can contact authorities for you and can help keep you informed as a potential crisis unfolds.

If you are interested in alarm systems or updating an existing one, call our team at Carolina Security Technologies. We are always happy to help keep you safe and can offer our expertise in choosing the best alarm system for your home security needs.