Alarm Systems Isn’t the human body an amazing thing?  Just think about it for a moment . . . when you do something that isn’t exactly brilliant, such as jumping from a high place and injuring yourself, standing too close to the fire and getting burned, or eating too many sugary foods all at once, your body sounds an alarm in the form of pain or feelings of sickness.  When you feel these sensations, you know that it’s time to take action to reduce the feelings of pain or illness.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home was the same way?  For example, a fire triggers the fire alarm, a carbon monoxide leak triggers the signal that you are in danger, an intruder alarm sounds when the glass breaks . . . you name it, the alarm would sound automatically because it was a natural part of the house.  The good news is, we have alarm systems that can handle any of these situations we mentioned.

For example, our alarm systems can signal when you have an unwanted intruder in your home, and when you have a carbon monoxide leak or a fire in your home.  Better yet, when your alarm system starts sounding, you will be notified immediately—even if you are away from home—and have a team of responders go to check things out, without having to lift a finger to make that emergency 911 call.  Of course, based on the severity of the problem, you may end up having to call 911 after all, but at least you will know if it is a true emergency first.

When you have an alarm system installed by our team at Carolina Security Technologies, you can be sure that it will function beautifully.  Even though your home didn’t come with a pre-installed alarm system the way you did, the one we install will be just as functional for your home as your alarm system is for your body.  For greater peace of mind, contact us today.