5 Reasons to Have a Video Surveillance System

A video surveillance system is beneficial to any business for many reasons. Here at Carolina Security Technologies, we know that you will immediately see the benefits of installing a video surveillance system in your business. Here are five of our top reasons we feel that you will benefit from installing a video surveillance system.

  1. Lowered crime – Video surveillance systems not only catch crimes on tape, but they also help to prevent them from occurring. When criminals see that a business has a video surveillance system, they are less likely to attempt a crime on that business.
  2. Peace of mind – When you install a video surveillance system, you are receiving peace of mind knowing that your business, employees and assets are being protected.
  3. Increased productivity – There are a lot of opportunities for employees to waste time during the workday. When employees know that they are being recorded on a video surveillance system they often spend their workday being more productive.
  4. Better insurance premiums – Having a video surveillance system can lower your insurance premiums. It can also help to reduce workers’ compensation claims, liability issues, and harassment charges.
  5. Alleviates HR issues – Video surveillance systems give you concrete evidence in many HR issues. HR issues become much easier to solve and deal with when there is concrete evidence.

We feel that every business can benefit from a good video surveillance system. Give us a call today to discuss the many options that can help protect your business.