4G LTE Technology Is Revolutionizing Small Business Security SystemsIn the brick-and-mortar world, entrepreneurs put lots of sweat equity and energy into their core specialization. As if this isn’t enough on their plates, they must also manage the nuances of the company’s location. One major concern is security. An inventory theft, after or during business hours, can be a nightmare.

Thanks to modern technology like video surveillance that runs on 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution), small businesses owners now have the ability to easily and quickly monitor their locations remotely with either a tablet or smartphone. 4G LTE has indeed revolutionized business security systems by providing an innovative solution like this.

Business owners can get a full 4G LTE surveillance system that enables them to keep a watchful eye on their assets from anywhere. The high-definition wireless cameras can be controlled from mobile devices and accessed in real-time. Plus, an alert is sent if there is a suspicious disturbance.

But security is not the only application offered by these remarkable business security systems. Valuable analytical information can be supplied by intelligent video. What’s happening inside your store? How many times did customers pick up that green sweater on sale? What are the people doing inside your store? 4G LTE technology plays a vital role in providing the answers to these questions and, in so doing, helps a business prosper.

Security is all about notification and information – whether it’s a report on the number of customers walking by a display, a misplaced asset, or a physical disruption. With 4G LTE business security systems, entrepreneurs can monitor their livelihoods with peace of mind – 24/7.


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