Access control involves electronic keypads or specialized entry doors

Business and home security are what we do here at Carolina Security Technologies. We have spent many years now working with our customers in the area to make your homes and businesses safe, secure and on high alert for mischief, even when you are at home asleep. One of the most basic and also most effective forms of business security (and occasionally residential security) is access control measures.

Access control involves electronic keypads or specialized entry doors that allow someone to access the building with a code or keycard. Because we have been doing this for years now, we can come up with more than a few instances in which access control is useful, but here are three of them:

1.  Disgruntled Employees- When you and an employee part ways, you’ll try to do so amicably, but that’s not always the case. In this instance, your business might be vulnerable to someone who knows it from the inside. With access control, you can instantly and immediately revoke their access.

2.  Differential Access Control- Within some businesses are different levels of security. If you don’t want certain employees to have access to certain areas, differential access control gives you that option. Now you won’t have to worry about employees seeing things that aren’t related to their jobs.

3.  Eliminate Annoying Issues- With keys, you have to deal with lost keys, re-keying locks, and locksmiths for when you have been locked out. With access control, you eliminate the need for keys at all and can remotely unlock your doors.

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