3 Habits That May Be Weakening Your Home Security

Our team at Carolina Security Technologies knows you care about your home, and we want to help you keep it safe from intruders. To do that, we offer a variety of high-quality security systems and equipment. However, even the best security equipment can’t be effective unless you follow the proper security protocols.

In our experience, many people have bad security habits that weaken their home’s protections. In this article, we’ll go over three habits that may be undermining your home security.

  • Not Locking Up – Over the years, we have encountered a surprisingly high number of people who don’t lock their doors when leaving the house. This is one of the most common ways people undermine their own home security systems, effectively rendering all the sensors and alarms useless. We strongly encourage you to lock your doors every time you leave, and to keep windows locked at any time when they are not in use.
  • Not Updating Their Security Technology – Another way you may be weakening your home security is by not staying up to date with security technology. The older your cameras and sensors are, the more likely it is for intruders to be able to exploit them, so we encourage you to regularly upgrade to the latest models.
  • Hiding Spare Keys – A third example of how you may be weakening your home security is by hiding keys close to the door. No matter how well-hidden you think your keys are, keeping them by the door gives others the potential to access them. If you are concerned about getting locked out, we recommend switching to a digital lock rather than hiding a spare key close by.