Home Security Monitoring in Asheville, North Carolina

Home security is a major priority for homeowners, as it should be. A home is likely your greatest investment, not to mention all the assets that you keep inside. And most importantly, you need home security to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

  1. Lock all doors and windows even when you’re at home, but especially when you’re away and at night time.
  2. Install an outdoor security camera, and put it in a visible place. This will deter most criminal behavior more than almost anything else.
  3. Install an indoor security camera. Sometimes it’s just as important to see what is going on inside as it is to have the outside monitored.
  4. Have an alarm system installed with specifications that will work best for the needs you have.
  5. Have deadbolts on your exterior doors that automatically lock at night and that are locked when you’re away from home.
  6. Install motion-activated lights for the exterior of your home. Keep your exterior well-lit in general.
  7. Have an access control system installed, so you don’t have to leave a key outside your home for someone to be able to get in when you’re away or to avoid being locked out.
  8. Keep your cars in your garage to avoid break-ins and to keep your garage door opener more secure.
  9. Gate your front and backyard to reduce the ease of people walking into your yard.
  10. Reduce landscaping in your yard that could allow someone to hide easily.

By following these tips, you’ll create a thorough home security system. You’ll feel much more relaxed knowing that you’ve been very proactive in securing your space.