Video Surveillance, Asheville, NC

The addition of Video Surveillance to your home or office in Asheville, NC, can be one of the most effective methods of crime prevention.

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The presence of a video surveillance system is an effective deterrent of crime, but the benefits don’t stop there. There are many uses for installing video surveillance for your residence or business:

  • Monitor Child Activities – With more parents needing to be out in the workforce, video surveillance is a way of being able to check on your children without being physically present. A residential security system can allow you to view your child’s activities. For older children, the system can notify you via your cell phone when the child has arrived home from school.
  • Protect Your Business – Businesses with video surveillance can expect an increase in productivity from their employees, in addition to a decreased risk of crime. Video surveillance can protect a home or business from fraudulent injury claims. Should an employee or other individual claim a false injury on the premise, video surveillance can prevent expensive hospital bills or legal fees.

If you’d like to add a video surveillance system to your residence or business, get more information from Carolina Security Technologies, serving Asheville and all of Western North Carolina.

FAQs About Video Surveillance Systems

If you’ve been thinking about installing a video surveillance system at your home or business, you may have some questions. Our highly trained team here at Carolina Security Technologies wants to help you make the best decision for your residential or commercial space, so we’ve responded to a few frequently asked questions about video surveillance below. We hope this helps you find a security solution that works best for you!

Where should security cameras be installed?

Both homeowners and business owners may want to install a camera near the front entrance so they can see everyone who enters and exits the building. Putting security cameras in common areas, such as the living room or entryway of your home, or the main floor of your retail business, is a good way to keep an eye on the most frequented places. However, depending on your needs and individual security concerns, you might also want cameras in your backyard, facing your company’s lockbox, or looking over the parking lot.

Why should I install a surveillance system if I live in a safe neighborhood?

No matter how safe your town may be, it only takes one burglary or one stolen package to start feeling unsafe in your own home. A video surveillance system not only gives you increased peace of mind, but it also deters potential thieves or intruders. Plus, even if you’re not concerned about other people trespassing on your property, you can still use your cameras to ensure your kids get home safely from school and check on other things happening on your property.

Why should I trust your company?

Our team has over 39 years of combined industry experience, and we’re committed to building a safer community in the Asheville region. We have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide security solutions for small homes to large corporations alike, and we’d love to help you attain a greater peace of mind. Simply reach out to our friendly team to learn more or schedule a service today!