Stereo & Surround Systems, Asheville, NC

Get help choosing the best high-quality stereo & surround systems, and have them professionally installed in your Asheville, NC home!

stereo and surround sound system installationAt Carolina Security Technologies in Asheville, North Carolina, we do much more than just install and monitor security systems—we can also provide you with state-of-the-art stereo & surround systems like you’ve never seen or heard before!

With the installation of stereo & surround systems, your home entertainment experience will be taken to a whole new level. You may think your flat screen TV is enough, but once you experience a professional stereo or surround sound system, you’ll never want to go back. With stereo & surround systems, having a movie theater or dance club experience no longer requires leaving the living room. Imagine playing video games or watching movies with sound that makes it feel like you’re right in on the action. Your next Super Bowl party will be legendary because you’ll be able to hear every tackle, every cheer, and of course the commercials and the halftime show, like you were right on the sidelines. Make sure you have enough couches because everyone will want to come to your house!

So which one should you choose: stereo or surround sound? There are several benefits to each.  Stereo speakers are generally less expensive and easier to set up than surround sound systems. While surround sound can make you feel even more like you are in the middle of your favorite movie, not all movies and TV shows make effective use of surround sound. If you typically watch dramas and comedies with a lot of dialogue, surround sound may not be worth it. However, if you love battle scenes, car chases, and video games with lots of action, surround sound can bring your watching and listening experience to a whole new level.

When you’ve made your decision, call us to help you choose the perfect stereo & surround systems for your unique needs!