Alarm Systems, Asheville, NC

Get an extra layer of protection around your home or office in Asheville, NC with an professionally installed alarm system!

Fire Alarm Systems VISTA-250FBPT_hi

If you’ve been considering increasing the security to your residence or business, but you are worried about the time or expense, an alarm system may be a good start. Alarm systems work by using a network of sensors and contacts that will trigger an alarm should someone attempt a break-in.  There is a brief window of time to disarm the alarm by using a keypad, should the alarm be tripped by accident. After that window has passed, the security company will call and dispatch help to your residence or business.

Many people are apprehensive about the cost of an alarm system, but the benefits of adding alarm systems to your home or business greatly outweigh the cost. Alarm systems have shown to be very effective crime deterrents. Because an alarm draws unwanted attention, you will find your business or residence to be less sought after by burglars. High-tech features of security systems allow you to go beyond avoiding break-ins, an alarm system can alert you of a fire, flood, or even let you know when your children arrive home from school.

Think of the peace of mind you’ll have knowing there’s an extra layer of protection around your residence or business with an installed alarm system. For more information, contact us at Carolina Security Technologies in Asheville, North Carolina.