Access ControlYou feel that your home is fairly secure, but you may prefer the basement be off limits to your children or guests. Your valuable classic car is in the garage, and you really don’t want anyone to touch the new paint job. Maybe you’d like to add a level of security to your business and only allow employees access during certain times of day. Access control systems require a coded or keyed entry into the space you would like to keep secure. You may consider this option when:

  • You do not want to carry a key to access your private space or office. Access control keys are unique to each location and difficult to duplicate.
  • You can choose to allow “remote” access, even if you are not there. If your teenager is locked out of the house, for example, you can remotely unlock the door from your phone or computer.
  • You can log the history and determine when employees came and went from the office or what time your child returned home from school. This can be especially useful if you keep track of employee attendance or your children’s curfews.
  • You can customize the control features for multiple users. You and your spouse may each have your own code because you’ve chosen numbers and letters that are easy for each of you to remember.

Access control gives the user a heightened sense of security, while also allowing increased control and personalization. If you feel that you have a certain part of your home or office that needs additional security, this type of system may be right for you.