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Many people don’t think they need business and home security until after they have become a victim of an event that security services could have prevented. The uncertainty of the economy has made many people want to take better care of their homes and businesses. This has pushed security into the top of the list of priorities, but a few common questions remain:

  • How much does it cost? Business and residential security needs can be as varying as the individuals in need of security; therefore, the cost can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as how much security is needed, what type of security services would be best, and the size of the business or residence. While the cost may vary, a quick consultation from professionals can give you several options and price ranges in order to help best meet your security needs.
  • How does it work? Most home & business security systems include a network of sensors placed on doors and windows that are connected to a keypad. If the sensors are activated, a certain amount of time is given to enter a code before authorities are notified and dispatched.
  • I live in a safe area; why do I need home and business security? While security systems are excellent deterrents of crime, there are other benefits to having a security system. A security system can alert you and your local police or fire department if there is a fire or damage to the structure when you aren’t home, lessening the potential damage. For this reason, some insurance companies will offer reduced rates to customers who have a business or home security system installed.

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